The charm of Amsterdam and “click”

Have you been to Amsterdam before? If you haven’t – you must go. It’s the most colourful city I have been so far, and by colourful I don’t mean that the city from above looking like a rainbow. What I mean by colourful is the detail in the small things like cafés, tiny cute hidden restaurants, little graffitis saying yellow from the corner of a small street, cute bike decorations and of course galleries.

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🇧🇬 Първата ми “Хюга” вечеря #hygge


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🇧🇬 Съвпадение ? Не мислА

Мислиш си за числото 8 – подминава те рейс номер 8.

Яде ти се шоколад – някой ти подава парченце.

Не ти стигат 20ст. и в десния джоб (където никога няма пари) намираш онези 20ст., който си намери на улицата миналата седмица.

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🇬🇧 Healthy “Habits”, 2017

Healthy? Habit? Change? I have read millions of articles containing the same titles and a little bit annoyed, I always keep scrolling down for something more interesting. I didn’t even  ‘click’ them because I used to believe that everyone is waaay too different to be able to adopt someone else’s habits. Everything that surrounds me is my own little universe and how can the world of someone else become mine? I don’t want to change.

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🇬🇧 The difference between inspiration and creativity

Have you ever had a person in your life that makes you feel that everything is possible? Someone who achieved their balance in life and makes you wonder “How the hell did he do that?”  by capturing your interest, or maybe a thought slipped in your mind “If they can do it- I can do it”. Yes, we have all felt this sensation of bravery and insurance of our own decisions in terms of the ability to express ourselves independently. That’s inspiration.

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🇬🇧 Photography session in Tate Modern

So, it was one of those hot summer days when you finish work and everyone is happy. With my work colleagues we decided to go to Tate to check out their new exhibition and climb up to 10th floor to enjoy London sky view, for free.

I took my old Zenith ET  loaded with Kodacolor 200 (expired, but still does the job) in order to get some cool shots on interesting things I might see.

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