🇬🇧 Photography session in Tate Modern

So, it was one of those hot summer days when you finish work and everyone is happy. With my work colleagues we decided to go to Tate to check out their new exhibition and climb up to 10th floor to enjoy London sky view, for free.

I took my old Zenith ET  loaded with Kodacolor 200 (expired, but still does the job) in order to get some cool shots on interesting things I might see.


Lets hang-out

This art installation was very different from anything I’ve seen before. The purpose for this was to present a chilled environment for visitors- a cage with mattress  where you can chill and enjoy art and still feel like “home”. The picture itself speaks a lot to me, especially focusing on the contrast of interactions. We have two people who are radiating piece, closure, warmth…the time has stopped. In contrast, there are two people above who are so close, yet so far. Their gazes are going in different directions. “Me” has increased importance in the modern world.


The Diary Wall

The display of daily routine called The diary wall has a really interesting impact on the reality of our way of living. The diary wall has several framed daily routines described by the hour from the beginning of the day until the end. Almost all of them start with “Get up, make breakfast, do washing, get ready for work“. Makes you think which of those frames has your daily routine?


Together in real life

Painting the people that you wish existed? Painting memories? Painting your imaginary friends? Whatever is in this young man’s head, it does show some sort of reflection, perfection, naturally lightening the idea of “family” closure.


Tate modern Game room
Problem solving acquaintance

The reason why we enjoy games is because every time a problem is solved our brain gets a dose of dopamine. It is as addictive as drugs and the thrive to experience it more often is what gets people together, it’s never fun playing alone.


Tate modern - View from above
View from above

This is the view from floor 10 in Tate Modern. People creating chaos in the sterile environment.



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