🇬🇧 💡Silly Thoughts Of The Day vol.1

So, we all walk around wrapped up in our busy mind, thoughts flashing from side to side.

I have been reading Neutosceptic argument today in Discover Magazine about the number of thoughts a human has during the day. Neuroscientist and philosopher Dr Deepak Chopra estimated around 70,000 thoughts wandering around our beautiful brains daily (just under one per second). This also has been contributed in National Science Foundation .

The argument suggest that due to the fact that this information is lacking actual source of research, it might have been established on the basis of Daniel Kahneman‘s discovery that the “psychological present” is a window of about 3 seconds – everything else is either past or future. Yep.

Never mind. Let’s not get into too much detail. Numbers don’t matter right now.

Here is a list of my thoughts during the day -a few of thousands (not sure in my case):

  1. Terrifying thought of clones
  2. Memory – a music can create a memory just as good as memory creating music.
  3. The addictiveness of crunchy food is weird.
  4. Every second there are 8 million people up in the air…flying… 8 million (just under 1% out of the worlds population). Wow.
  5. Skin as our main organ which reacts to 💩 – internal and external.
  6. The world isn’t becoming any better…after seeing a video of a cat sexually assaulting a chicken 🙈
  7. French is by far the sexiest language.
  8. With the power of mind you can get a lovely present from a total stranger (true story).
  9. Seeing and eating are not the same.
  10. Underground clubs should never be overground.
  11. People don’t own almost anything.
  12. If you are what you read, right now you are being silly.

It doesn’t matter what scientist say as long as you are not watching cat videos and play video games till 9am.

Thank you for reading! ❤

Photo: Oslo Opera House,2015


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