🇬🇧 Healthy “Habits”, 2017

Healthy? Habit? Change? I have read millions of articles containing the same titles and a little bit annoyed, I always keep scrolling down for something more interesting. I didn’t even  ‘click’ them because I used to believe that everyone is waaay too different to be able to adopt someone else’s habits. Everything that surrounds me is my own little universe and how can the world of someone else become mine? I don’t want to change.

Looking back at my 8 years of living abroad, I have changed habits drastically year by year because it was the environment creating them, not me.

When I lived with my parents my focus was different than now. At the age of 18, full of energy, empty brain and zero experience in independance, I switched my focus on things that I couldn’t imagine before.

Before 18 years old After 18 years old
What to wear to eat
Where to go to apply for jobs
With whom to meet for fun exchange experience
What to do with my free time with my life
Having good grades future

Don’t get me wrong, I still think of my daily outfit and places to go to have fun but it became more mechanical and easy. Growing up mentally doesn’t have to change you as a person but instead it should make you handle life easier.

The truth is, everyone wants a better life. The best way to do that is adopt new habits. The idea of “New Year’s Resolution” doesn’t appeal to me much because it’s more about restricting yourself from something rather than evolving.  Below I have listed some things I enjoy adapting to as I have felt the great impact they had on my overall well-being.

 – Standing desk –

Standing desk

I had back problems before and fixed them with sport but working in an office can affect your overall health if you are not active. Standing desk is a great way to keep your back straight if you have the right posture. It also helps reducing eye strain.

Explore more benefits of standing desk here

– Yoga –

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.54.08

If you are a beginner like me, don’t worry – I know the feeling when you walk into a room of super flexible people and you feel more like this balloon. After the second lesson you will be shocked what your body is capable of.

Explore more benefits of yoga here

– Slacklining –

Slack for iOS Upload (5) (1)

I already have the full kit in place and started last year but sadly the warm season in U.K. ended pretty early. I really want to get better at this.

Every park is a great opportunity to enjoy the balance of your walking on a slackline. It’s not only super beneficial for your body but it’s also good fun.

All you need:

-Slackline kit – around £30 from Amazon

-Two horizontal trees

-PATIENCE! You will fall millions of times but it’s worth waiting for seeing your progress.

Explore more benefits of slacklining here

– To Do’s –

Pasted image at 2017_03_07 05_23 PM (1)

I should really stop thinking that my brain capacity can keep dozens of To Do’s when all I really do is stress myself and always end up with a feeling that I have forgotten something. Once written down on paper, all your daily tasks (including forgetting to buy a present for a friend’s birthday…. which in fact happened to me once…maybe twice…or three times). Our minds are too busy to make them remember everything. I started this recently and not only that I end up finishing more work than ever before but my brain has the space to come up with some awesome creative thoughts that otherwise would have been occupied with “Go to bank; print ticket; send 321 emails; top-up phone; etc.). You get the point.

– Being lazy –


Being lazy is VERY important for me. This is when the creativity kicks in and it is the great time to look at your way of handling stress, eliminating it and energising your mental health. This way I feel addicted to difficulties and ready for the next challenge.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Any questions – add a comment below.

Thank you ❤


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