⬢ About me/мен ⬢

cropped-img_7135.jpgPhoto: Eliza Teneva


How did I get to this page? Probably the same way like you, by being curious.

This blog’s purpose is self-explanatory.

Why not?

I always think of silly things during the day. Sometimes I share them with friends, sometimes I don’t have the time to do it. And then..

“a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.”

Why not share it online?

I like to describe what I see and also not miss a chance to share a thought. The direction is very unclear but always exciting- a thought, street photography, travel, diary, recipes etc.

I speak two languages well enough (well, I hope so) so sometimes you might see blogs in English, sometimes in  Български (these weird letters, Bulgarian). It’s not that I will not be able to just stick to one language, but every bilingual person can agree that thoughts are something very special and the way we share them is significantly different depending on the words you use to express them. That’s why I will not stick to the frame of one language, because I will be giving myself the freedom to share what’s truly felt and share it according to the specific moment.

It’s pleasure to have you with me on this journey.